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How much does artificial grass cost? - Quora Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy answer when it comes to how much your new artificial lawn will cost as there are many variants that . You can find out the artificial grass cost per square metre by viewing our range of products here. This may mean laying protective sheeting and boards to cover the flooring in your home. If you're installing an edging made either from timber, composite plastic timber, sleepers or some form of paving, you'll also require additional tools, 

How much does it cost to paint a wall in india? - Quora Painting a home is a very accurate idea to renovate your home and give it a good look and attractive look. But when it comes to painting your It covers 200 - 250 square metre per litre in one coat. The remainder ends up in the sprayer's exhaust filters or on the floor. Spray painting is cheaper than brush painting as spray painting reduces the cost per square foot by spray painting large painting jobs.

What Is the Building Cost per Sq Ft in India? - Quora The exact construction cost depends on several parameters such as height of building & quality of materials used (Cement, Bricks, Electrical Fittings, Sanita

How much does granite flooring cost in India? - Quora Granite is now out of trend. Granite is only used in Kitchen Counter top only. For flooring Vitrified tiles & Italian marble is in trend now. Because For flooring Vitrified tiles & Italian marble is in trend now. Because you find vast variety of design and colors. Granite flooring is used in railway stations, hospitals and industrial areas. It will cost you Rs.80 to Rs.95 per sq.ft. Thank you for your 

The Cost of Pine Wood per CFT in India - Quora Pine is a low cost Wood, mostly imported from New Zealand. It should cost you between ?500/CFT to 700/CFT depending on your Location. It is mostly sourced fr

How much does it cost to get wood flooring(2017) - Quora Without knowing further details, it impossible to give you the exact cost to install Seven Trust floors. Additional information needed to calculate the Using 120 sq. ft (about the size of one room) as to size of the area you want to install Seven Trust flooring and the location of Bloomsburg, PA, It can range from $1.15 a square foot to $11 or more per square foot. How much does wood flooring cost in india?

How much do floor tiles cost in India? - Quora Actually all the tiles have different prices based on there size, type, design and colors. For more detail i would like to suggest to visit the link Tile How much will it cost for 1000 sq feet flat? How much does wood flooring cost in india?

How much would the cost be of 3D designs on walls and flooring 3D designs on walls and flooring? My carpet area is 800 sq ft. How much does wood flooring cost in india? What is a gross floor area and plot The cost of carpeting a floor is RS 525 per square meter. What is the cost of carpeting a floor 

What Is Better for Flooring? Marbel or Tiles? Why? How - Quora I would like to suggest to use Lavish Ceramics floor Tiles as it comes with wide range of tile, color, design with ISO certified What is the cost of marbel flooring vs laminate wood flooring in india? Marble tiles, on average, go from $9-$20 per square foot but some types of marble can cost you $50 or more per square foot.

How much does wood flooring cost? - Quora Wood flooring cost depends on the brands. Type of flooring and the species of wood cost will be more. It's also dependent on square footage. Based on height and width price will differ. Wood flooring cost starts from £23.99 per SQM on Wickes 

How Much Does Wood Flooring Cost in India? - Quora You can get wooden strip tiles in size 200x1200mm, 300x1200mm, 200x600mm, etc. Best part of choosing wooden Vitrified Glazed Tiles over Laminated or Engineered wooden flooring is it will cost you around INR 50–60 per square feet and 

How much would it cost to construct 800 sqft area RCC slab? - Quora is Rs 81,524. this is not exact cost, because as per site it may vary 2–3%. This cost vary as per the building usage, grade of concrete use and strength of slab required. Thank you (A) Shuttering with Marine Ply Wood / Plastic Coated Ply Wood of 12mm thick with all necessary Supports and Scaffolding. Calculation for Volume of Concrete for 800Sft = 74.35 Sqm x 0.10m = 7.44Cum If this Slab is a floor Slab 669 kg Steel is required and If it is a Roof Slab 558 kg Steel is required.

How Much Does a Sprung Wood Floor Cost (eg for dance - Quora Depending on the size of the studio and the type of finish you are looking for, material cost would be roughly $4-6psf and installation including How much per square foot does an NJ addition cost? About how much would it cost to have a 100,000 square foot mansion built? How much does wood flooring cost in india?

How to Calculate Price per Square Foot - Quora On a commercial building, it is acceptable to measure outside walls and multiply. However, be prepared to have the tenant challenge Or, if a pack of laminate flooring covers 20 sq ft and costs $10, then it's $2 per sq foot.

What Is The Cost Of Wooden Flooring In India? - YouTube 14 Jun 2017 You suggest? Laminate or vitrified flooring These are the two things i am consideringwooden india natraj5. 75 per square foot for normal tiles. How much does wood flooring cost in india? quora. wooden flooring in hyderabad 

How much does it take to build a house of(2017) - Quora Your question is incomplete bro . A structure of 4 floor in 500 ft square area can be constructed in 3 months i.e foundation, walls, column ,beam How much does it cost to build your own house india? Why are houses in But use of more expensive interior will add enormously and may go to 3000–3500 per sq ft. It is up to you to choose the interior i. e floor, walls finish, wood quality etc etc. to reduce cost. 15 Views How much cement can build a square metre wall? How much will it 

Residential Interior Design: How much does it cost to furnish - Quora Hello! You can use PaperToStone's interior cost calculator PaperToStone cost Estimator For Interior Designing / Decoration .The cost of Residential Interior Design: How much does it cost to furnish an approximate 3,200 square ft 3 bedroom, 3 bath home? UpdateCancel 5) Material used - Green ply wood or a local brand plywood. Now coming Usually in india, it's safe to keep a budget of around 800 to 1500 per square feet for interior and furnishing work before you moving in.

Do you prefer carpet or wood flooring? - Quora wooden floors are often associated with elegance, style, richness and a certain kind of old fashioned warmth. Wood flooring has many pros to Why don't we have carpeted floors in india? I see all kinds of expensive flooring but The cost of carpeting a floor is RS 525 per square meter. What is the cost of carpeting a floor